About Pinball Haus

Pinball Haus is Australias premier pinball vendor. We offer an extensive range of pinball parts, leds, balls, silicon bands, mods and custom artwork. We buy/sell machines, restore machines and you can play  more than 20 top condition machines at our location. Coffee and non alcoholic drinks on offer.

We ship our products world wide at very competitive rates. All prices are in Australian dollars.

"Great atmosphere and very friendly! Can’t wait to go back, great fun!"

"Whether you're massively into pinball or just looking to see what the fuss is about with this scene now well and truly revived, I can recommend this joint as a place to go. Machines super slick and well maintained, and reasonably priced snacks! In 2018! Genius."

"Awesome rejuvenated machines. Great coffee and friendly staff."