Titan Rubber Kits for Stern, Williams, Bally, Sega, Data East, Zaccaria


Full Rubber Kits for your Pinball



Upgrading you pinball to Titan silicone rubbers will not only make a great difference in how it looks but you will love the feel and bounce of these competition rubbers. On top of that when they get dirty you simply wipe them clean. They will also outlast your standard rubber many times.

Unlike most other kits mine are FULL kits including all Flipper rubbers, bands, grommets, shooter tips and post sleeves (even the 1/2″ small post sleeves found in DW/Stern).

Available colours are white, black, yellow, green, red, light blue, blue, purple, orange, clear and glow in the dark.

All kits are based on manual information. If I am aware of mistakes in the manual the kit will be adjusted otherwise you will receive what the manual says.

Hundreds of happy pinball customers. If you do not see your machine contact me for a quote. If there is zero quantity available contact me to add new inventory. International orders welcome.

I will combine shipping cost for multi kit orders and if you add one of my led kits.

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AC/DC Premium/LE, AC/DC Pro, Addams Family, Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Aerosmith, Apollo 13, Attack From Mars, Austin Powers, Avatar, Batman (Data East), Batman Forever, Batman The Dark Knight, Baywatch, Big Guns, Big Hurt, Black Hole, Black Jack 1976, Black Knight 2000, Black Rose, Bobby Orr, Breakshot (Capcom), Bride Of Pinbot, Cactus Canyon, Centaur 2, Champion Pub, Charlies Angels, Checkpoint, Circus Voltaire, Class of 1812, Congo, Corvette, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Cue Ball Wizard, Cyclone, Deadpool LE, Dealers Choice, Demolition Man, Devil Rider, Dialed In, Diner, Dirty Harry, Doctor Dude, Doctor Who, Dracula (Bram Stoker), Earthshaker, Eight Ball, Eight Ball Deluxe, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Elvis, Escape From the Lost World, Evel Knievel, F14 Tomcat, Family Guy, Fire, Firepower, Fishtales, Flash, Flash Gordon, Flintstones, Frankenstein, Free Fall (Stern), Frontier (Bally), Funhouse, Future Spa, Game of Thrones ( Premium/LE), Game of Thrones – Prem/LE, Gameshow, Getaway, Ghostbusters Premium, Gilligans Island, Golden Eye (Sega), Gorgar, Grand Prix, Guns N Roses – Data East, Guns and Roses, Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson (Sega First Edition), Harley Davidson (Stern), Highspeed, Hook, Hurricane, Independence Day, Indi 500, Indiana Jones (Stern), Indiana Jones (Williams), Jackbot, Johnny Mnemonic, Judge Dread, Jungle Queen, Junkyard, Jurassic Park (Data East), Jurassic Park (Stern), Kiss (Bally), Kiss (Stern), Klondike / Yukon, Last Action Hero, Lethal Weapon, Lord of the Rings, Lost World (Bally), Lost in Space, Lucky Seven (Williams), Mario Bros (Mushroom Kingdom), Maverick, Medieval Madness, Metallica, Millionaire, Millionaire (Williams), Monopoloy, Monster Bash, Mousin' Around, Mustang, NBA Fastbreak, Nascar, No Fear, No Good Gofers, Party Zone, Phoenix, Pin-Bot, Pinball – Stern 1977, Pirate of the Caribbean (Stern), Playboy (Bally), Playboy (Stern), Police Force, Popeye, Rescue 911, Revenge From Mars, Rick and Morty, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Road King, Roadshow, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Royal Rumble, Scared Stiff, Shaq Attack, Shrek, Simpsons Pinball Party, Sinbad, Six Million Dollar Man, Sopranos, Southpark, Space Invaders, Space Jam, Space Shuttle, Spiderman (Stern), Star Trek (Bally), Star Trek (Data East), Star Trek (Stern Pro), Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Wars (Data East), Star Wars Episode 1, Star Wars Trilogy, Stargate, Stranger Things, Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Striker Extreme, Super Mario Bros, Supersonic (Zaccaria), Tales From the Crypt, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Taxi, Tee'd Off, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, The Shadow, The Simpsons Data East, The X-Files, Theater of Magic, Tommy The Who, Total Annihilation, Transformers, Trident, Twilight Zone, Twister, Walking Dead (Pro), Waterworld, Whirlwind, Whitewater, Who Dunnit, Wild Fyre, Willy Wonka, Wipeout, Wizard of Oz, World Cup Soccer, World Poker Tour, Wrestlemania (Stern), X's & O's, Xenon

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