RGB LED Round Speaker Light Kit for most SPIKE 2 LE


Simply the best and brightest speaker led set up on the market

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RGB LED Round Speaker Light Kit for most SPIKE 2 LE

RGB Speaker lighting kit for most Stern SPIKE 2 LE pinball machines (see compatibility list below).
Kit includes two RGB LED speaker light rings, two acrylic plastic rings, wiring harness & installation instructions.

Also includes a wireless remote for changing color, brightness, color patterns & more!
Not compatible with Stern SPIKE 2 Pro & Premium models or any Stern SPIKE 2 machines that have aftermarket speakers installed.
See related product link below to purchase speaker light kits for Stern Pro & Premium (and a few LE) SPIKE 2 machines.
Supported Game List:
Iron Maiden LE
The Munsters LE
Black Knight: Sword of Rage LE
Jurassic Park LE
Elvira’s House Of Horrors LE & Signature Edition
Stranger Things LE
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LE
Avengers Infinity Quest LE
Led Zeppelin LE
The Mandalorian LE
Godzilla LE
Rush LE
James Bond 007 LE
Foo Fighters LE