Mirror Blades – Stern / Data East – Bally / Williams


Blades for your Pin


A pair of highly polished Pinball Haus mirror finish blades. These easily attach to the side of the cabinet. They look amazing and are the best mod for your machine. EXTRA FREIGHT CHARGE ON THIS PRODUCT MAY APPLY. NO OVERSEAS SHIPPING OF THIS ITEM.

Standard B/W Blades will NOT fit: Demolition Man, Black Rose

Standard Stern Blades will not fit: The Simpsons Pinball Party

Please check to see how tight your playfield fits. Every machine is different and I know from experience that some machines like Dr. Who have tolerances that are too small to use mirror blades. If you see that others have used mirror blades in your machine you most likely will be fine. They are made from thinnest material available.

Make sure to raise your playfield carefully and centered to avoid causing surface scratches. Even if this happens, they are barely noticeable on this material, and far outweigh the alternative look of the factory black wood . You can also apply a thin felt strip to the sides of your playfield. If you do get some scratches – you can take a small buffing wheel on the end of your cordless drill and just buff them out! Stern blades install with small wood screws that run along the bottom and super thin strips. You can also use super thin double sided tape. Williams blades also use wood screws and the hinge bolt (hole is pre drilled).