PINGULP 3.0 Pin Cup


a great addition for your game

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The next generation of pinball beverage management has arrived!
The new PinGulp 3.0 Beverage Caddy holds all your favourite bottles, cans, glasses and cups.  The ambidextrous mounting bracket allows the PinGulp 3.0 to be mounted to the left, right or front your machine using the exact same bracket for all mounting locations.  It can be removed from its mounting bracket in 2 seconds or less, yet fits snug and secure when in place.  THIS BEVERAGE CADDY DOES NOT WOBBLE AROUND!  The quick and easy removal of this beverage caddy makes for easy access to the sides of your machine when necessary.

The PinGulp 3.0 is dishwasher safe, so clean up and sanitation is simple and easy.

The lowered mounting position keeps your hands from hitting the top of your beverage when performing slap saves, slap passes, or nudging; no accidental spillage!
Includes optional screw to keep your cup fastened to the bracket if you desire.  This screw is invisible from the beverage caddy’s front view and makes the PinGulp 3.0 impossible to remove without removing the entire mounting bracket from the pinball machine leg.  This makes it very location/operator friendly.  The drunks will not be able to steal this cup!
Don’t be fooled by the low cost of the PinGulp 3.0 Beverage Caddy.  This is a durable, commercial quality product.