Williams/Bally/ NON Ribbed Chrome Legs – Set of 4 A-19514


Fresh Legs For Your Game

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Standard Williams/Bally steel non ribbed pinball legs.

Legs are 28.5 inches in height.
Chrome finish.
Sold as a set of 4 legs
Please enquire for possible additional shipping charge for legs.
Used in the following machines:
Stardust Black Knight Limited Edition
San Francisco Yukon (Special) Solar Fire
Heat Wave Olympic Hockey Barracora
Stop ‘N’ Go Granada Thunderball
River Boat Spanish Eyes Cosmic Gunfight
Whoopee Honey Varkon
Wing Ding Winner Warlok
Zig Zag Super Star Defender
Pretty Baby Big Star Time Fantasy
Alpine Club Fan-Tas-Tic Firepower II
Ski Club Swinger Laser Cue
Eager Beaver Travel Time Star Light
Moulin Rouge Fun-Fest Space Shuttle
Pot ‘O’ Gold Summer Time Sorcerer
Lucky Strike Gulfstream Comet
Tropic Fun
Gay Paree   Big Chief Darling
Arrow Head Bowl A Strike OXO
Naples Teacher’s Pet Star Action
Kings 8 Ball Tramway
Reno Full House Triple Action
Contest Top Hand Dealer’s Choice
Steeple-Chase A-Go-Go Skylab
Jig Saw Big Strike Spacelab
Top Hat Hot Line Strato-Flite
Kick-Off Casanova Super-Flite
Soccer Kick-Off Magic City High Ace
Satellite Magic Town Lucky Ace
4 Star Shangri-La Star Pool
Turf Champ Blast Off Satin Doll
Casino Apollo Big Ben
Gusher Lunar Shot Pat Hand
3-D Beat Time Valencia
Club House Derby Day Triple Strike
Tic-Tac-Toe Touchdown Black Gold
Golden Bells Jolly Roger Little Chief
Spot-Pool Kickoff Toledo
Crossword Ding Dong Space Mission
Sea Wolf Smarty Space Odyssey
Rocket Lady Luck Aztec
Fiesta Daffie Aztec
Golden Gloves Student Prince Blue Chip
21 Doozie Grand Prix
Nags Hayburners II Liberty Bell
Serenade Pit Stop Big Deal
Ten Spot Cue-T Grand Prix
Double Barrel Cabaret Hot Tip
Add-A-Ball Miss-O Lucky Seven
Skill-Ball Post Time Rancho
Reserve Suspense Argosy
Kismet Smart Set Wild Card
Metro Paddock Hot Tip
Space Ship Expo Lucky Seven
Jolly Jokers Roto Contact
3 Coins Set Up World Cup
Coquette Seven Up Disco Fever
Trade Winds Gay 90’s Pokerino
Friendship “7” 4 Aces Phoenix
Valiant Jive Time Flash
King Pin Rock ‘N Roll Stellar Wars
Mardi Gras Aces & Kings Rock ‘N Roll
Vagabond Strike Zone Tri Zone
4 Roses Straight Flush Time Warp
Tom Tom 3 Jokers Gorgar
Big Deal Dipsy Doodle Laser Ball
Jumpin’ Jack’s Solids N Stripes Firepower
Swing Time Doodle Bug Blackout
Skill Pool Love Bug Scorpion
El Toro Gold Rush Algar
Big Daddy Jackpot Cyclops
Merry Widow Klondike Alien Poker
Beat the Clock Planets Black Knight
Oh Boy Yukon Jungle Lord
Soccer Zodiac Pharaoh