Pinshakers Premium Shaker Motor Kit – WPC & WPC-95


Premium Shaker Motor Kit for Bally Williams

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Plug and Play Universal Full Shaker Motor Kit for Williams/Bally WPC/WPC-95 era pinball machines. Ever wish your older pinball machine had a shaker motor in it? Finally now it can! You will be able to choose between flashlamps, solenoids (VUK, pop bumpers, slingshots etc.), magnets, or motors on your machine to trigger the shaker motor. Everything is completely plug and play, no soldering, no wire crimping, no alligator clips, and no wire splicing required.  Premium kits allows for an additional 6 triggers as well as a custom android mobile app to control all aspects of the shaker.  Our custom app gives you the ability to choose which triggers activate the motor as well as create your own custom “Style” for each of them.

Custom styles give you the ability to control how the shaker motor feels each time it shakes.  The entire Style is activated each time the motor is triggered.  Using the custom styles photo on this listing as a reference, here are the definitions of each parameter you can control.

  1. Cycles – Full activation of the motor from zero, full speed, back to zero.  This chooses how many of these cycles will run each time the motor is triggered.
  2. Ramp Up – Time it takes for the motor to go from zero to the max speed.
  3. Speed – Max speed of the motor at the top of the cycle.  This is where you set the motor strength.
  4. Run Time – Time the motor runs at the max speed.
  5. Ramp Down – Time it take for the motor to go from the max speed back to zero.
  6. Time Between Cycles – Time between each full cycle of the motor, only applicable if you have more than one cycle selected.



  • Up to 22 possible triggers to drive the motor. Three cat5 harnesses “A”, “B”, & “C”, each with 6-8 triggers
  • All New On Board Rectifier Circuit That Draws Power Directly From The Transformer Secondary
  • Fused Protection
  • Upgraded Chip & Program Code Optimized For Magnet & Motor Triggers
  • Cleared for Domestic and International Sales (120/240vac)
  • Custom metal mounting backplate with installed standoffs that allows for quick and easy installation of the motor board

App Mobile Device Minimum Requirements:

Android 5.0 (API level 21) 2015

Bluetooth v4.2

Below you will find a list of what is included with this full kit, which is everything you will need to get yourself up and shaking.

The Full shaker motor kit includes:

  • Shaker Motor
  • Shaker Motor Plastic Cover Shield
  • Motor Driver Board
  • Wire Harness Adapters “A”, “B”, & “C”
  • Power Harness
  • Custom Steel Shaker Motor Drill Guide
  • Custom Steel Mounting Backplate
  • All Required Wire Harnesses and Power Adapters
  • All Required Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Install Guide

Game compatibility list: