Ribbon cable set WPC-89


US made quality ribbon cables.


4-piece ribbon cable set with high quality 3M connectors. Suitable for most WP89 games.


5795-13018-01: 4-connector, 34-pin, Connectors located at 0″, 10″, 21″, and 26″. (MPU, Fliptronics, Sound, Display Controller)

5795-10938-15: 2-connector, 26-pin,  (MPU, Display Controller)

5795-12838-32: 2-connector with ferrite core, 14-pin,  (Display Controller, Display)

5795-12653-03: 2-connector, 34-pin, 3-3/4-inch (MPU, Power/Driver)


Please check your machine as there are exceptions! Not suitable for WPC-95 games.