Alltek Test Card


Alltek Test Card

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Our Ultimate Test Card can help you diagnose common problems with your pinball machine faster than ever before! It’s easy to use and plug directory into the J2 connectory of the Ultimate MPU Board. Check out all the features in the list below.

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Main Features:

  • To activate the test, simply set the game select dipswitch to Enhanced Diagnostics Mode. That’s it!
  • It’s small enough to carry with you in your toolbox! The actual size of the test card is 3″ X 6″
  • We have included a manual with all the instructions you’ll need to use the test card on your pinball game machines. The instructions are also silk-screened on board to make it even easier to use.
  • The switch are all individually labeled so there’s mo need to memorize anything.
  • The test card plugs directly onto our Ultimate MPU Universal Bally/Stern Replacement Board. (Note: The test card will only work with the ultimate MPU board from AlltekSystems. It will not work on boards by other manufacturers.)
  • You will only even need one test card!
  • Our Ultimate Test Card can perform the following tests on your games:
    • The solenoid test allows one solenoid to be activated at a time. Which means you don’t have to cycle through all solenoids just to test one anymore!
    • The lamp test allows you to activate one lamp at a time. This can be really useful when you have a couple of lamps out that need to be repaired. You can also choose to active lamps by rows and columns.
    • The display test  helps you to troubleshoot bad digits on your displays. With this test any digit can be inserted in any display position. Problem solved!