A-15646 24″ opto board pinball Mist ball


A-15646 24″ opto board pinball Mist ball


This redesigned Homepin 24″ opto board is used as a “Mist Ball” sensor for Williams Bram Stoker’s Dracula and as a suitable replacement for Star Wars Episode 1 (Pinball 2000) & The Shadow (Bally).


  • This board also suits Star Wars Episode 1 part #A-15646-4 (Pinball 2000) & The Shadow (Bally)
  • Direct replacement for the original board – uses the same sensors mounted in the machine
  • Supplied ready made and fully tested – NOT a kit
  • Uses commonly available parts so there will be no future repair issues
  • No electronic knowledge required – simply remove four screws and 3 plugs and new board mounts in exactly the same position as the original
  • Additional NEW right angle LED mounted on the board to indicate operation of the beam – visable by looking through the coin door
  • NO modifications at all to the original machine in any way and NO soldering required
  • Board can be removed at any time in minutes and leave no trace it was ever in the machine
  • All you need is a nut driver and about five minutes
  • No ‘hard to find’ choke or difficult to find parts are used
  • Replaces A-15646, A-15646-2, A-15646-4, PCB# 5768-13243-02
  • No need to turn off the Mist Ball feature that is unique to BSD