Shaker Motor Kit for most Stern SAM System Games


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Shaker motor kit for use with the following games:
AC/DC Pro, AC/DC Premium, AC/DC Back In Black LE, AC/DC Let There Be Rock LE, AC/DC Luci Edition, AC/DC Vault Edition,
Elvis, Elvis Gold Edition LE, Spider-Man, Black Spider-Man LE, Indiana Jones, Batman/The Dark Knight, CSI
24, LOTR Gold LE, NBA, Big Buck, Hunter Pro, Iron Man, Avatar Pro, Avatar LE, Rolling Stones Pro, Rolling Stones LE, TRON Pro, TRON LE, Transformers Pro, Transformers Combo LE, Transformers Decepticon LE, Transformers Autobot LE, X-Men Pro, X-Men Wolverine LE, X-Men Magneto LE, Avengers Pro, Avengers Hulk LE, Avengers *Blue* LE, Metallica Pro, Metallica Premium (Roadcase and Dirty Donny), Metallica LE (Master of Puppets), Star Trek Pro, Star Trek Premium, Star Trek LE, Mustang Pro, Mustang Premium, Mustang LE
The Walking Dead Pro
The Walking Dead Premium
The Walking Dead LEKit includes:

Shaker motor with mounting bracket and wiring harness.
PCB board
Hard plastic cover
Mounting hardware
Cable ties (not shown in picture)
Cabinet Harness
Instruction sheet
Mounting template

Stern reference numbers 502-5027-00-01 and 502-5027-00 Rev. B