WPS MPU-089 (A-12742-xx) Board Bally Williams




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  • Each board is pre-tested in an actual machine and numbered.
The boards are a plug and play replacement for the original Bally / Williams WPC089 MPU processor board, re-designed by Homepin to be reliable and serviceable.
The original MPU board that this board replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-12742-xx (where xx is the game number).
Includes NVRAM (no batteries needed)
This board is without game ROM, ASIC and Microprocessor. This is done to keep the price of the board as low as possible. The Game ROM, ASIC and Microprocessors rarely go bad and are socketed so they can be moved from the original board to our board with minimum of effort.
This board is a drop in replacement for the following Bally / Williams Pinball Games:
Addams Family
Addams Family Gold
Black Rose
Creature From the Black Lagoon
Demolition Man
Dr. Dude (with DMD)
Dr. Who
Fish Tales
Gilligan’s Island
Harley Davidson
Indiana Jones
Judge Dredd
Machine Bride of Pinbot, The
Party Zone
Star Trek, The Next Generation
Terminator 2
The Machine, Bride of Pinbot
Twilight Zone

White Water