WDP011C – Power Supply System 11B WDP011C


Part Number WDP011C

Williams System 11B/C Power Supply Board

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Part Number WDP011C

WDP011C – Power Supply compatible with most Williams System 11B and all Williams System 11C alphanumeric pinball games.  

This board is a direct plug-in replacement for the original OEM  power supply.  The original power supply that this board replaces is  Williams part number D-12246-xxx (where xxx is the game number).

Key Benefits

 High Efficiency +5V section reduces heat dissipation

 Test points added for all voltages generated on the board

 All new (not 20+ year old) components and PCB

Game Listing

  • Bad Cats
  • Black Knight 2000
  • Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball
  • Diner
  • Dr. Dude
  • Earthshaker
  • Elvira and the Party Monsters
  • Game Show
  • Jokerz
  • Mousin Around
  • Police Force
  • Pool Sharks
  • Radical
  • River Boat Gambler
  • Rollergames
  • Taxi
  • Transporter
  • Whirl Wind